Welcome to Exit Cleaners, your trusted partner for professional regular weekly, fortnightly and monthly cleaning in Sydney.

regular house cleaners in Sydney




Welcome to Exit Cleaners, your trusted partner for professional regular weekly, fortnightly and monthly cleaning in Sydney.

Our Promise - Seamless Regular Cleaning In Sydney

At Exit Cleaners, we provide a consistent and reliable service for your home. Our promise to you is rooted in our commitment to maintaining a clean and tidy living space that enhances your daily comfort. With our comprehensive cleaning checklist, we ensure that every important area of your home receives the attention it needs on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis.

From kitchens to bathrooms, our professional cleaners will ensure your home looks its best. We understand that a consistently clean home is essential for your well-being and peace of mind. That’s why we use high-quality cleaning products and efficient techniques to maintain the cleanliness and tidiness of your living space.

Experience the convenience and reliability of a professionally maintained home. Book your weekly or fortnightly cleaning online today in just 60 seconds. Or call us on 1300 964 926.

Risk-free Service

Our satisfaction guarantee protects you against any unexpected outcomes, ensuring a worry-free cleaning experience.

Trusted & Reliable

Trust our proven track record of reliability and consistency, backed by our solid guarantee.

100% Satisfaction

Enjoy complete peace of mind with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, ensuring a risk-free cleaning service.

Unmatched Quality

Book with confidence, knowing our detail-oriented approach guarantees exceptional results in every area of your home, week after week.

4 Reasons To Choose Exit Cleaners


Super Affordable Prices

Our regular cleaning is designed to be cost-effective, ensuring you can maintain a clean home without breaking the bank.


All Cleaning equipment provided

We provide all the required cleaning products and equipment for a thorough cleaning of your home during each visit.


Fast & Easy Online Booking

Get a quote and book your home cleaning service online in just 60 seconds.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

All our regular domestic cleaning services are backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, ensuring your complete peace of mind.

regular house cleaners in Sydney

#1 Choice For Regular Weekly, Fortnightly & Monthly Cleaning In Sydney

  • We use high-quality cleaning equipment and products to ensure your home is consistently clean and well-maintained.
  • We offer prompt customer service, a user-friendly online booking system, and a highly skilled and fully insured cleaning team in Sydney.
  • We take pride in being a professional, reliable, and trustworthy choice for all your routine cleaning needs in Sydney. Your search for a trusted, reliable, and affordable company for weekly, fortnightly, or monthly cleaning services in Sydney ends here. Book online today or call us on 1300 964 926 to book a regular service.

How Exit Cleaners Works



Get a quote and book your home cleaning online in 60 seconds.



Our trusted cleaners will come over and professionally clean your property on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis.



Sit back, relax, and enjoy your sparkling clean home. It's really that simple!

Professional Regular House Cleaning Checklist

See below a detailed checklist of what’s included in our recurring service.

All Areas General Clean Deep Clean
Vacuum carpets
Sweep & mop floors
Clean mirrors
Dust furniture
Empty rubbish bins
Quick declutter of floors
Wipe down electronics
Wipe down skirting boards
Dust cornices & remove cobwebs
Wipe down window frames & ledges
Wipe down doors, frames & handles
Wipe down switches & power points
Kitchen General Clean Deep Clean
Clean all surfaces
Wipe down exterior of appliances
Clean stovetop & oven exterior
Wipe down outside cabinets
Clean inside & outside microwave
Sanitise splashback & benchtops
Polish sink & taps
Bathrooms General Clean Deep Clean
Clean mirrors
Scrub & sanitise toilet
Scrub clean bathtub & shower
Wipe down outside cabinets
Wipe down benchtops
Polish sink & taps
Bedrooms General Clean Deep Clean
Vacuum carpets
Sweep & mop floors
Clean mirrors
Make beds (upon request)
Quick declutter of floors
Dust & wipe down furniture
Dust & wipe down electronics
Wipe down outside wardrobes
Wipe down skirting boards
Dust cornices & remove cobwebs
Wipe down window frames & ledges
Wipe down doors, frames & handles
Wipe down switches & power points

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

When you choose Exit Cleaners for your regular cleaning needs, you can book with absolute peace of mind. We firmly stand behind our services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the results of our cleaning, we will make it right. Simply reach out to us via phone or email within 24 hours of your service, and we'll address your concerns promptly.


Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our services? Take a look below. Or see our frequently asked questions page for more info. 


Deep clean or a spring clean is a service that’s recommended for homes that have not been professionally cleaned in over 30 days. Or for the first-time visits to get your home prepared for an ongoing maintenance clean. Deep cleaning is a comprehensive service an it’s designed to ensure your place is thoroughly cleaned, dusted and disinfected.

Deep cleaning includes the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living, dining, hallways and staircases. For a detailed breakdown of what’s included in the service, please see our cleaning checklist.

Simply click book now to get a quote and book your spring cleaning service online in 60 seconds. Or call us on 1300 964 926.

Yes, there are. Before your scheduled cleaning appointment, we request that you:

  1. Remove all personal items from the property – furniture, bedding, appliances etc.
  2. Remove any rubbish, clutter or objects on the property and floors.
  3. Ensure there are no tradesmen at the time of your cleaning.
  4. Ensure there is running water and electricity at the property.

By following these preparations, you allow our cleaners to start the cleaning as soon as they arrive. And that we deliver the highest quality cleaning so you can get your full rental bond back.

We provide tailored leaning prices based on the size of your property and any extras you choose. Click Book Now to get a quote and book your spring cleaning service online in 60 seconds.

For an in-depth breakdown, please also see our cleaning prices page

Yes, we do. We offer regular weekly, fortnightly and monthly cleaning services. With our regular cleaning services, you can enjoy a consistently clean home without the hassle of cleaning again.

For an in-depth breakdown, please also see our cleaning prices page


We accept payments through VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover, covering both debit and credit cards. No processing fees are applied to any of our transactions. Regrettably, we do not take cash payments.

Yes, we do. We bring all the required cleaning supplies and equipment to professionally clean your property.

For cancellations, please provide us with a 24-hour notice to avoid a late cancellation fee. Our cleaning teams’ schedules are meticulously planned, and cancellations within 24 hours of service result in lost work opportunities for them.

In the event of a cancellation at the door without prior notice, a full-price cancellation fee will be applied.

Yes, we do. We provide same-day cleaning services whenever possible. Simply call us on 1300 964 926 to confirm our availability. 

Nope! It’s your choice to stay around or go out and take advantage of your free time. Just leave us a key or provide us instructions on how we can access your home and we’ll take it from there. We’re here to make your life easier!

Generally we do move furniture that weighs less than 10 kg. However, considering workplace health and safety (WH&S) guidelines and the potential for damages, we refrain from moving larger items such as lounges, armchairs, beds, and large appliances like fridges, washing machines, and dryers.

Regular Cleaning Prices In Sydney

See below a detailed list of our cleaning prices in Sydney for weekly, fortnightly, and monthly services. To get a quote, simply click the Get A Quote button and follow the steps. Or call us on 1300 964 926 to discuss your regular cleaning requirements and receive a personalised quote.

regular cleaning prices
Home/ AptDeep Clean
1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom$209
2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom$219
3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom$279
4 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom$359
4 Bedroom, 3 Bathroom$389
5 Bedroom, 3 Bathroom$419
6 Bedroom, 3 Bathroom$459

Add-on Cleaning Prices List

See below a detailed list of our add-on cleaning service prices.

Add-on ExtraPrice
Garage Clean$30
Deck/ Patio$30
Small Balcony$30
Large Balcony$60
Inside Dishwasher$29
Inside Oven$60
Exterior Windows$119
Walk-in Closet$39
Inside Fridge$42 (empty)
Inside Fridge$72 (full)
Wall washing$89 (1-3 Bed)
Blinds/ Shutters$15 (per fixture)
Carpet Clean$90 per room or area
Inside Cupboards$68 (1-3 Bed)
Inside Cupboards$75 (4-6 Bed)
Interior Windows$60 (1-3 Bed)
Interior Windows$115 (4 Bed)
Interior Windows$149 (5 Bed)

Regular Cleaning Schedules to Suit Your Needs

Find the ideal regular cleaning schedule that perfectly matches your lifestyle. Whether you’re overwhelmed with work commitments, juggling family responsibilities, or simply require a monthly refresh, our skilled cleaners are ready to cater to your specific needs.

Weekly Cleaning

Weekly cleaning is perfect for those who prioritise a consistently immaculate home. It’s an excellent choice for busy families and professionals who value their time.


  • 15% discount ensures cost-effectiveness.
  • Maintains a perpetually clean and organised living space.
  • Allows you to dedicate more time to other important pursuits.

Fortnightly Cleaning

Fortnightly service strikes a balance between time and cleanliness, making it our most sought-after frequency. It’s highly recommended for those managing work, family, and social obligations.


  • A 10% discount provides excellent value for money.
  • Minimises stress by ensuring a consistently tidy home.
  • Accommodates a flexible schedule without sacrificing cleanliness.

Monthly Cleaning

Monthly cleaning is an optimal choice for those who can handle light cleaning tasks but require professional assistance for more intensive cleaning. It’s perfect for individuals with less demanding schedules.


  • A 5% discount offers a budget-friendly cleaning solution.
  • Delivers a comprehensive clean once a month.
  • Removes the burden of tackling heavy-duty cleaning tasks.

Our Complete Regular House Cleaning Services Process:

When it comes to regular home cleaning in Sydney, Exit Cleaners is your go-to choice. At Exit Cleaners, we are dedicated and experienced professionals in the field of weekly, fortnightly, and monthly services for Sydney homes. We’ve established a reliable process that we adhere to, ensuring that every time we clean, we deliver consistent, high-quality results, keeping your home looking its best.

STEP 1: Book Online – Get a quote and schedule your cleaning online in just 60 seconds.

STEP 2: Get Email Confirmation – Receive a prompt email confirmation of your booking, including your recurring cleaning schedule.

STEP 3: Our Regular Cleaners Arrive and Clean – Our regular cleaning team will arrive at your property on your scheduled day, fully equipped and ready to maintain your home’s cleanliness to the highest standards.

STEP 4: Quality Check – Our team conducts a thorough quality check to ensure that every task on our comprehensive cleaning list has been completed to our standards.

STEP 5: Enjoy Your Consistently Clean Home – Sit back, relax, and enjoy your consistently clean and tidy home, week after week! It’s really that simple.

A Team of Dedicated House Cleaners & Domestic Cleaning Near You

At Exit Cleaners, our team comprises experienced regular cleaning professionals, equipped with the knowledge and tools to deliver consistently excellent cleaning results. Our rigorous training focuses exclusively on the skills needed to provide the most reliable and efficient regular cleaning services in NSW. With our specialised approach, you can trust that your living space is in the hands of dedicated experts who will maintain your home’s cleanliness and tidiness to the highest standards. Experience the difference our committed team can make in your home through our meticulous regular cleaning services. Call us today on 1300 964 926 to schedule your professional cleaning service with us. Our cleaning crew is here to provide you with an exceptional house cleaning experience, week after week. Along with our recurring cleaning, we also offer additional services such as deep cleaning services, window cleaning, oven cleaning, end of lease cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, apartment cleaning, and more. Simply let us know the type of cleaning you need, and we’re ready to help!

  • Always Reliable
  • Trusted By 2000+ Families In Sydney
  • Experienced And Dedicated Cleaning Professionals

Benefits Of Professional Regular Cleaning Services

Discover the advantages of hiring professional regular cleaners, from saving valuable time to keeping your home consistently clean, improving your overall quality of life, and minimising stress.

More Free Time – A regular service handles all your house cleaning requirements, giving you more free time to focus on other important aspects of your life and allowing you to enjoy a clean living space without disrupting your daily routine.
Skilled Experts – Regular cleaners bring expertise and specialised tools to efficiently address various cleaning challenges, ensuring a deep, thorough clean that may be hard to achieve on your own.
Always Clean Home – Using professional house cleaners guarantees a consistently clean living space, reducing stress and ensuring your space is always ready for guests. Regular cleaning also fosters a healthier living environment by removing allergens, dust, and germs.

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