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Terms and Conditions


Exit Cleaners Pty Ltd ABN 456 727 511 01 (we, us or our) offer cleaning services (Services) which you can book via our website, available at https://exitcleaners.com.au/ (Site). 


In these terms and conditions, the following definitions apply:

  1. “Client” or “You” refers to the person or entity purchasing services from Exit Cleaners.
  2. “We”, “Us”, or “Exit Cleaners” refers to Exit Cleaners or its authorised contractors.
  3. “Services” refers to any cleaning service requested by the Client.
  4. “Terms and Conditions” refers to the terms and conditions outlined in this document and any additional conditions agreed upon in writing.
  5. “Cleaner” refers to the person performing the service on behalf of Exit Cleaners.
  6. “Heavily Soiled” describes a level of dirt, grime, or dust significantly higher than a typical residence.
  7. ”Property Manager” refers to the agent overseeing the rental property, such as a real estate agent.
  8. “Property” refers to the premises requiring a bond cleaning service.
  9. “Bond Cleaning Standards” refers to the level of cleanliness required by the Property Manager to release the rental bond, as governed by the Residential Tenancies Act 2010.
  10. “Best Efforts” means Exit Cleaners will make informed decisions based on available information at the time.


  1. These Terms & Conditions apply to all contracts between Exit Cleaners and the Client and supersede any other documentation or communication from the Client.
  2. Exit Cleaners does not tolerate any form of harassment, intimidation, threats, or abusive behavior towards our staff or contractors. We reserve the right to take appropriate action, including legal measures, against any person engaging in such behavior and to terminate services without refund.
  3. A detailed list of our bond cleaning inclusions and exclusions can be found on our website.
  4. These Terms may be updated periodically. The applicable Terms are those in effect at the time of your Booking.
  5. Neither party is liable for delays or failures caused by events beyond reasonable control. This does not include payment obligations.
  6. These Terms are governed by New South Wales law, and parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of its courts.


  1. By booking a service via the Site, you agree to these terms and conditions (Terms). Your personal information will be managed as per our Privacy Policy.
  2. Create a booking by completing our online booking form on the Site, selecting the required Services (end of lease cleaning and any additional extra services), choosing a suitable date and time, providing the address of the Premises, your contact details, and paying through the Site (Booking).
  3. Once a Booking is made, we will confirm via email. Each Booking for cleaning Services constitutes a Clean.
  4. In exchange for your payment, we will provide the Services as per these Terms, using our staff or contractors (Team).
  5. You are required to confirm with your Property Manager which specific cleaning services are required under your lease agreement. If any cleaning requirements under your lease agreement are not covered in our bond cleaning checklist, you must: (a) Select the service on our booking form in the extras section if it’s available there. If it is not, then (b) Notify us at the time of your Booking so that we can confirm if your lease cleaning requirement could be added to your service at an additional cost.


  1. All quotes are estimates based on average house and room sizes.
  2. While we strive to provide accurate quotes, they are subject to change if the Client or Exit Cleaners identifies additional factors, such as: a. The property differs from the Client’s description, e.g., extra rooms or different window treatments. b. The property is heavily soiled, requiring additional time or cleaning products to meet bond cleaning standards. c. Certain areas require specialized services or are deemed hazardous. d. Areas or contents fall outside the agreed-upon cleaning schedule. e. The cleaner incurs additional costs, such as parking or key pickup fees. f. The Client alters the original requirements. g. Removal of rubbish or personal belongings is required.
  3. Exit Cleaners reserves the right to exclude items or areas that may pose a risk to the cleaner, voiding the Bond Cleaning Guarantee for those specific items or areas.
  4. Items subject to normal wear and tear or long-term exposure to grime may be unable to be cleaned and will not be covered under warranty.
  5. If a quote variation is necessary, Exit Cleaners will contact the Client for approval.
  6. Upon agreeing to the revised quote, the Client authorizes the additional amount to be charged to the provided credit card before the variation work begins.
  7. Declining a quote variation may void some or all of the Bond Back Guarantee, which will be communicated to the Client.


  1. The Client must be reachable at all times, especially one hour before the scheduled start time. If the Client cannot be reached, Exit Cleaners will proceed using best efforts, but the warranty may be voided if the job is incomplete due to lack of communication.
  2. The Client is solely responsible for providing the Cleaner with access to the property.
  3. If the property is inaccessible at the agreed-upon time, the Client agrees to a $40 per hour non-access fee, up to the total cost of the job.
  4. The Client must inform Exit Cleaners if they require the Cleaner to pick up a key at least 24 hours before the cleaning service date. Key pickup or drop off within 1-10 km of travel incurs a $39 fee, while key pickup or drop off within 11-20 km of travel incurs a $59 fee. These charges are based on the shortest route calculated by Google Maps.
  5. Failure to provide access will result in a $70 cancellation or postponement fee, subject to availability.
  6. Cleaners require unobstructed access to all areas of the property included in the service.
  7. The Client agrees to allow photographs of the property before, during, and after the service for quality assurance and to document any limitations.
  8. The Client must provide access to electricity and running water, which are mandatory for bond cleaning. If these utilities are not available, the Cleaner will do their best, but the Bond Cleaning Guarantee will not apply.
  9. The Client must move heavy items (over 5kg) before the service begins, at their own risk and cost, to allow cleaning behind or under these items. Failure to do so voids the Bond Cleaning Guarantee for those areas unless agreed upon in writing.
  10. The Client must remove all personal belongings before the service commences. Exit Cleaners will take care but is not responsible for any damage during the service.
  11. All rubbish must be removed from the premises, including from drawers, cupboards, and rooms. Exit Cleaners is not responsible for rubbish removal and will not guarantee the bond cleaning in such cases. The Client must contact Exit Cleaners directly to negotiate rubbish removal for an additional fee.


  1. Postponements made within 24 hours of the scheduled date will incur a $70 fee, charged to the provided credit card.
  2. Cancellations made within 24 hours of the scheduled date will incur a $70 fee, charged to the provided credit card.
  3. No refunds will be provided for cancellations made within 24 hours of the scheduled service date, regardless of the reason for cancellation.
  4. Exit Cleaners reserves the right to cancel the job if the property conditions are deemed unsafe for our staff or if access is not provided as agreed. Same-day cancellation fees will apply.
  5. Exit Cleaners may reschedule or cancel the service if the property differs from the description in terms of condition or size, or if unexpected circumstances arise.


  1. Payment must be made via credit card or bank transfer before the service date, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.
  2. To secure a booking date, the Client must provide valid credit card details, and a hold equal to the full amount of the service will be placed on the credit card 2 days (48 hours) before the booking date.
  3. For bank transfers, the Client must send remittance details to our office and allow 3 days for clearing. Failure to provide proof of payment or cleared funds 1 day prior will result in cancellation and forfeiture of the booking fee.
  4. Late payments will incur a $50 fee for the first month, followed by additional fees at a fixed rate of 10% per annum for every 3 days the amount remains outstanding.
  5. The Client agrees to indemnify Exit Cleaners for all legal costs and expenses incurred in connection with any action taken to recover debts arising from a breach of these terms, including failure to pay on time.
  6. Exit Cleaners reserves the right to report non-payment to collection agencies, credit reference associations, and property agents, which may affect the Client’s credit rating and ability to secure rental properties or credit in the future.


  1. Exit Cleaners will return free of charge to rectify any cleaning issues raised by the Property Manager under the Residential Tenancies Act 2010, subject to these Terms and Conditions and our inclusions and exclusions.
  2. The Bond Cleaning Guarantee only applies to the specific services engaged and does not cover items like carpets if carpet cleaning was not part of the original service.
  3. Certain items, such as ceilings, garage walls, or deep stains requiring professional treatment, are not included in the Bond Cleaning Guarantee. Please refer to our inclusions and exclusions list on our website for details.
  4. A re-clean will only be scheduled upon receipt of a report from the Property Manager detailing the issues with the initial clean, along with photographic evidence.
  5. Exit Cleaners requires 24-72 hours from receipt of the Property Manager’s report to schedule a re-clean.
  6. The re-clean will only address the issues listed in the Property Manager’s original report.
  7. After a re-clean, Exit Cleaners will warranty the work for three days (72 hours). If no feedback is received from the Property Manager within 72 hours, the re-clean will be considered successful, and the job will be deemed complete under these Terms and Conditions.
  8. These Terms and Conditions apply throughout the entire service period, including initial cleans, re-cleans, and waiting periods between inspections.
  9. Clients acknowledge that the Bond Return Guarantee is only valid if Exit Cleaners is contacted within 3 days (72 hours) of the completed service.
  10. The guarantee does not cover natural events occurring over time, such as settled dust, water marks, or open windows. Exit Cleaners is not responsible for issues arising from these events, including aspects related to the Bond Return Guarantee.
  11. The Bond Return Guarantee is void if the property is not vacant after cleaning, with exceptions for carpet cleaning by an Exit Cleaners-authorized provider or a written agreement from Exit Cleaners.
  12. Bond cleaning must be scheduled after all furniture has been removed, the property is vacant, and all necessary maintenance or other work has been completed.
  13. Exit Cleaners is not responsible for incidents classified as “Acts of God,” such as floods, storms, fires, earthquakes, or cyclones.


  1. Refund claims will not be considered once the service is complete and Exit Cleaners has left the property.
  2. The Client must allow for a re-clean or inspection of unsatisfactory work before engaging a third party for additional services.
  3. The Client acknowledges that the Bond Cleaning Guarantee applies only to bond cleaning services and not to other services like carpet cleaning or pest control, which are warranted by their respective contractors.
  4. While care is taken during the service, some older items may be subject to wear and tear and prone to accidental breakage, particularly light fittings, fly screens, and perishable plastics. If the Client believes damage beyond normal wear and tear has occurred, they must provide a written description and supporting photographs.
  5. The Client waives the right to claim against Exit Cleaners for incidental costs, including rent payable or loss of bond money, arising from the service.
  6. Damage claims require proof from either party that the damage occurred during the service. If fault is accepted, the contractor is responsible for resolving the claim and must be granted access to the property for the claim’s duration, including assessing replacement or repair costs.
  7. If the Client requires fridge or freezer cleaning, they are responsible for emptying and defrosting the appliance in advance. Additional costs may apply.
  8. The Client must inform Exit Cleaners of any accident, breakage, property damage, or theft due to a cleaner’s actions within 24 hours of the service completion.
  9. Any claims for damages, accidents, or breakages must be reported to Exit Cleaners within 24 hours of the service completion. Claims reported after this time frame may be dismissed at Exit Cleaners’ discretion.
  10. Exit Cleaners is not liable for any damages or issues arising from the Client’s failure to disclose relevant information about the property, such as existing damage, hazardous materials, or special cleaning requirements.


  1. All complaints must be submitted in writing to hello@exitcleaners.com.au within 24 hours of the service.
  2. Complaints must include the Client’s name, contact number, complaint date, and a detailed explanation with supporting documentation.
  3. Complaints must also specify the desired resolution.
  4. The Client acknowledges their ability to access the complaint procedure on the Exit Cleaners website.
  5. If the Client does not follow the complaint procedure, Exit Cleaners reserves the right to dismiss the complaint or take no further action at its discretion.

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