Exit Cleaners

Excluded Services

We’re committed to ensuring a satisfactory experience. As such, we ask that you carefully review a list of our excluded services to ensure your service goes smoothly.

Important Notes Regarding Our Bond Cleans:

Review your Lease Agreement:

Each Real Estate Agency and Property Manager may have different requirements for their tenants. We encourage you to check your lease agreement for any special requirements and advise us as soon as possible so that we can include these with your service. If we are not aware of these prior to the service they are not covered in our guarantee.

Services Excluded From Our Bond Cleaning:

Due to WH&S, liability risks and complexity, the services below are not offered by Exit Cleaners:

  • Chandeliers
  • Light Bulbs
  • Fireplaces
  • Paint removal
  • Ceiling cleaning
  • Concrete stains
  • Cleaning of curtains
  • Rubbish bin cleaning
  • Garage wall cleaning
  • Odour removal or remediations
  • Human/ animal waste removal
  • Garage floor/wall oil stain removal
  • Stained grout & silicon remediations
  • Removal of furniture or appliances
  • Removal of stickers or removable hooks
  • Child safety latches/ locks removal
  • Biohazards (excessive mould, faeces, blood)
  • Removal of pet hair embedded in carpet fibres
  • Removal of certain mineral deposits (e.g. stains in toilet bowls)
  • High-reach areas (areas not reachable with a small two-step ladder).
  • Any cleaning that would result in damage

For more info, Please Refer To Our Terms Of Service.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Although our cleaners will manually scrub tiled areas as part of a bond clean, we do not specialise in tile and grout cleaning, thus a professional tile and grout clean may be warranted depending on the condition of your tiles and or grout which is a service separate to that of our bond clean.

Cigarette/ Nicotine / Smoke Damage

Cleaning of nicotine and staining from smoke or smoking is not covered as part of our rectification guarantee. It is generally accepted that staining will remain even following intensive cleaning.

Initial Inspection Upon Arrival

When our cleaners first arrive at your property they will perform a walk around (with you if you are present) in order to review the service against the quote provided. Should any changes be required (e.g. additional time is required), we will contact you immediately and before any work is performed

Our Bond Clean Guarantee Details

We guarantee our service by correcting any issues identified by your real estate agent regarding our internal bond clean, free of charge. Issues must be advised to us within three days of the completion of your service. Our guarantee covers those items cleaned as part of your service. Where issues identified are related to matters that did not form part of the original service, we are happy to return to your property to provide additional support at our usual bond service rates

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